You have decided that rather than just putting together your standard Friday night get together, you are going to throw a themed-party instead. You could just simply have some friends over and do a standard themed murder-mystery, one of those black and white parties or perhaps you are looking for something a little more outside of the box, something that has a little more culture to it, something a little more exciting and memorable. Why not host an African themed party? You have so many different traditions to take inspiration from and to really create an evening for your friends, colleagues or family members to remember. Here are 5 simple to follow steps to make your African themed party a success:

1 – Get your guests to wear traditional African attire!

Get your guests out shopping at the local markets, thrift shops and charity shops to really gear themselves up for the event, hunting & seeking out those Dashikis. The more authentic & the brighter the outfit is, the better. This can be a game changer in creating a vibrant and colourful atmosphere for your party.  Everyone is always is inclined to have more fun when they are dressed up. Here is a great link from Timeout to find those African markets and shops in London

2 – Source yourself an experienced African DJ who can spin those latest and greatest afrobeats tunes. 

Ensure you source yourself a local African DJ that really understands the diverse music scene and Afrobeats culture. This can really create a memorable and great vibe to your party if you can find a disc jockey that spins and knows the most traditional African tracks to the most modern Afrobeats hits. Finding a good African party planner or DJ can turn your average, amateur put-together party into a professional, well-thought out and authentic spectacle.

3-  Ain’t no party without an African cocktail. 

Everyone knows that a great selection of drinks is always behind a great event or party. So it’s time to get clued-up and start learning about those African-themed and inspired cocktails! Whether it’s a Sahara Martini, a Sengali Sunrise, or a North African Nutmeg, this added thought and authenticity can really impress any guests or drinks connoisseur.

4 – Acquire some African decorations and props. 

Everyone is looking fabulous, the sensational themed cocktails are flowing and the afrobeats classics have got the dance floor moving, now you need to take some time to kit out your venue or home with some authentic and atmospheric African decorations and props. Maybe you go for a traditional African home vibe with earthy rugs and bright tribal patterned decor or maybe you switch it up and get a desert, tropical vibe going down. Whatever you decide, make sure you take some time to do some proper research because it will really make a big difference to the atmosphere of your African themed party.

5 – Don’t be scared to ask African friends or professionals for help 

There is no better way to get that key insider knowledge or hook ups from someone that knows these things like it’s their homeland! So ask around: to African friends, locals or even professionals who are set up to help people just like you to throw incredible African themed parties and entertainment.

Good luck guys!

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