Perhaps you want to honour your roots, culture and traditions with an authentic African-style wedding or maybe you want to just transform an otherwise ‘routine wedding’ into a tropical African paradise with a wedding ceremony that you, your new partner, and all your guests will remember for many years to come. Well, here are the 5 steps to have that perfect African wedding and entertainment.

The maintaining of an authentic African atmosphere to celebrate your families’ traditions

It’s important to make sure that from the initial ceremonies to the end of the wedding night your entertainment matches the atmosphere which you desire to create, entertainment that is designed also to celebrate your African heritage. Points you should consider are making sure you have an experienced DJ who has knowledge and understanding of this distinct music and culture. Other considerations could be the organising of traditional dances or dancers to celebrate African culture. Such performances can really enhance the atmosphere of any wedding with their high-energy and optional participation.

Organising enjoyable African entertainment that lasts from the initial ceremony to the end of the night

A wedding should be a fun-filled experience for all friends and family, a special moment too for the African couple to celebrate their unique culture and traditions, a moment savoured by the family for years to come. Make sure you acquire a DJ for your wedding that has a wealth of experience in African weddings, that also has the knowledge to assist you in organising every aspect behind the details of your wedding’s entertainment. To make sure your day is not only memorable but an experience that your guests and family will enjoy immensely. Whether you want a wedding that is elegant and stylish, exciting, authentic and traditional or just fun and memorable, find a wedding entertainment provider who can assist you in the organisation is imperative to make sure your day is both unique and unforgettable.

A DJ with a wealth of experience in Afrobeats music and sound

It is important if you are planning a traditional wedding that you find a DJ that is able to capture the distinct and unique African sound at your wedding. A DJ that is ready with a catalogue of tracks to get all of your friends and family on the dance floor. An entertainment provider that also has a knowledge of African culture, the rising sound of Afrobeats and those familiar hip-hop, funk and soul classics. An experienced African DJ can make good entertainment unforgettable, creating an high-energy, exciting yet traditional experience for every couple and their wedding guests.

Finding an entertainment provider and organiser that is more than just a DJ

Your entertainment provider can be more than just an African wedding DJ, they can be master of ceremonies (MC) and also provide a complete event planning service, offering an indispensable role behind your special day. Your entertainment provider can ensure that your wedding runs as smooth as possible, in being behind the running of the wedding’s timetables and schedules making sure they hit the the mark. A good selection of an entertainment provider can really make the difference to your African wedding, in making sure it stands out.

Find a standout and experienced African entertainment provider that is local

It can be difficult when organising a traditional African wedding in the UK to source an authentic African DJ that understands the diverse music scene and Afrobeats culture who is also local. Especially if you are looking for a DJ who can provide a ranging track list, from the most traditional African tracks to the most modern Afrobeats hits. It is important that you find a DJ that can get every wedding guest of all ages onto the dance floor. It might be a good idea when organising the entertainment provider for your wedding to ask friends for their recommendations, ask local community organisations or companies which have African connections who might be able to help you in recommending the perfect local African DJ.

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